What parents have to say:

We love it here!Admittedly, my son and I are attached at the hip, so he was just as nervous as I was about starting preschool last spring. Actually, I was probably more nervous. When we found Choice in Learning (formerly Fountainhead) we loved how calm and orderly the classrooms seemed, and how friendly everyone on staff was. Since he started in Ms. Jan’s class in March, my son has made huge improvements in his socialization and speech development. Sure, I might get a little jealous when he tells me he wants to bring his teachers home to show them his toys, but I love that he has come to feel like Choice in Learning is like a second home. I would definitely recommend Choice in Learning to any family looking for a preschool in the area.” -A Happy Parent
I feel that choosing a preschool is in many ways more important than choosing a university: a preschool effectively serves as a launchpad for your child and directs him on a trajectory that will determine his life’s course.
When we decided to enroll our son at Choice in Learning Montessori, we did so with the absolute conviction that the staff would love and care for our son as we do. There can be no higher praise.”  -A Happy Parent


Our daughter has been at Choice in Learning (formerly Fountainhead) for two years. She has learned so much and has became a completely independent, well organized, well-socialized, and self confident child. Thank you to all of the fabulous staff, especially the site director: Ms.Gina Velez. Honestly, we suggest this school where your child can learn and grow up from here.” -A Happy Parent

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