Preparing for Preschool (Prep Class) – Ages 2-3 1/2

This environment is intended for children between the ages of 2 and 3 ½.  Many of our friends in this classroom are experiencing their first time away from home. This cozy setting, with loving teachers, helps both children and adults alike with the separation process. Two year olds yearn to do things for themselves and the prepared environment fosters this natural inclination. With experiences both indoors and outdoors the child practices socializing, choosing, and both gross and fine motor development. Prep introduces the child to a basic preschool schedule including circle time, work time, snack time, and outside time.

Preschool – Ages 3-6

Welcome to the Montessori multi age classroom. Children in this class are at various stages of development. The older children are masters in the environment as they tend to show the younger children how to use materials while modeling age appropriate behavior. The younger child, wanting to emulate the older child, learns from the older child and at the same time the older child grows in self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem. The prepared environment includes the areas of practical life (daily living exercises), sensorial, language, math, geography, cultural units, and art. The children are free to explore within the environment. Care of self, care of the environment, and consideration for others are all hallmarks of this classroom experience.

Child Care – Ages 2-6*

*Available to registered students only

Child Care is available from 7a -9a and 12p – 6p for students enrolled at Choice in Learning. The same principles of freedom within age appropriate boundaries and loving kindness towards all things applies in this setting as well. Child Care is available as a regular part of a child’s day or on an as needed basis. 24 hours notice is required to use child care.